An owner of is VELCREDO who has her headquarters at Ciekawa 10, 05-077 Zakręt, NIP: PL5321918690.

These rules define basic rules of using by the Users of and contains organizational regulations of the website.


The rules – the conditions and rules of making use of the services of the Shop, including all attachments and references that clearly refer to it.

Shop  – the online shop conducting business activity at, selling products through the Internet.

Postal address of the Shop:

Ciekawa 10
05-077 Zakręt

User – natural or legal person making a purchase in the Shop.

User account a base containing data of the User for order processing.

Working days between Monday and Friday, with the exception of statutory holidays.

General conditions

  1. conducts business activity via the Internet in the field of mail-order sale. Information about products are published by the Shop at

  2. All products offered at are new, in accordance with descriptions created by the Shop, and they were legally launched to the Polish market.

Registration and placement of the orders

  1. The user can select from two ways of purchasing: the so-called „quick purchasing”, which does not require to register or purchasing upon registration, which gives the User access to additional options such as: history of orders, checking the stage of order processing, as well as option of getting information about novelties and promotions. When you select „quick purchasing”, after choosing the product, you must click „add to basket”, then continue purchasing or click „see basket” and purchase the product. In order to place an order, the User shall be asked to fill in contact data, data for the bills or invoices and shipment data and to select delivery and payment method. The summary of order confirmation shall be displayed upon confirmation of order placement. Account can be registered at any moment by moving to “register” tab. After registration, the User shall receive confirmation of registration with an access password to an e-mail address.

  2. While placing the orders and during registration procedure, the User shall be obliged to provide true data that are necessary for order processing. The shop reserves the right to verify data by phone or Internet.


5.1 The condition of acceptance of order processing is correct filling in of an order form and choosing the purchasing method specified in point 5.

5.2. Upon the receipt of an order, the system shall send an automatic message confirming the order to an e-mail address given by the User.

5.3. Then, placed order shall be verified by trade department of the Shop, and the User shall receive another message informing about acceptance of the order. Potential changes in the order can be made by the User only through contact with the Shop service, by sending an e-mail to: and writing in the tile of this e-mail: order number and User data.

5.4. The changes in the orders and cancelling the order can be made by the User within 12 hours of the date of placement of an order.

5.5. In the event that some parts of ordered products are unavailable, the User shall be informed about the state of the order and make a decision about the method of its completion, that is, partial completion of the order or cancelling the order. In the event of cancelling the order, the Shop shall return received money to the bank account of the User.

5.6. Limited number of the products is available during promotion sale and sale and the orders are processed in accordance with the order of receipt of confirmed and paid orders, until the depletion of the products in this type of sale.


6.1. In the order, the User chooses products and place of delivery of a parcel, labelling delivery method and payment form, data for issuance of an invoice.

6.2. The orders are processed optionally: in the mode “cash on delivery” (payment on delivery), payment to the bank account, „quick payments” or „card payments” (via Przelewy24).

6.3. In the event of shipment outside Poland (the products are delivered to the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Montenegro, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France I (continent), France II (Corsica), Greece I (Athens, Piraeus), Greece II (the rest of the country), Spain I (continent), Spain II (Balearic Islands), Spain III (Canary Islands, Melilla, Ceuta), Holland, Ireland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Germany, Norway, Portugal I (continent), Portugal II (the Azores, Madeira), Switzerland, Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Hungary, Great Britain, Faroe Islands, Italy, Latvia, payment for ordered product may be made in the following way:

  1. directly through payment by credit card – Visa or Mastercard, via Przelewy24.

  2. payment to the bank account.

6.4. Please provide an order number and name and surname of the User in the field “title”.

6.5. In the event that advance payment for the order shall not be credited to the bank account of the Shop within 10 working days of the date of confirmation of order acceptance, it shall be cancelled.

6.6. If the user chooses the option „quick payments” or „card payments”, payment should be made directly after placing his/her order. If the payment shall not be credited to the bank account of the Shop within 5 days, the order shall be cancelled.

6.7. A refund in the event of the lack of goods or cancelling the order shall be made to the bank account of the User, immediately upon giving it by the User.

Price and change of the offer

  1. The prices given in the descriptions of particular products are expressed in Polish currency and include all their components, including duties, VAT and other taxes. The prices of the products do not include costs of delivery. The changes of the prices shall be published at and shall be binding for the Shop since the moment of their publication and shall not affect the execution of the agreements concluded as a result of previously placed orders.

Delivery conditions


8.1. The shipment shall be executed in a way selected by the User at the moment of placement of the order, to the delivery address indicated by the User. The purchaser shall have the right to provide delivery address of ordered product also outside Poland.

8.2. The shipment to foreign countries not specified in point 6.3 shall be possible only after individual agreement with the Shop.

8.3. The shipment of ordered products in Poland is free, when the order is worth more than PLN 400. Such cost in the case of other countries depends on the courier company.

8.4. The cost of delivery to particular countries can be found in the basket while selecting a given country.

8.5. Time of receiving a parcel consists of time of order processing and time of delivery that vary depending on the form of payments, delivery option and place of delivery.

8.6. Approximate time of order processing is:

  1. in the event of parcel labelled cash on delivery, that is, payment on receipt – purchased product shall be sent upon checking the order by the shop service employee (up to 2 working days of the date of notification of the User about acceptance of the order).

  2. parcel paid before dispatch, that is, in the event of selection of payment method: „quick payments” or „card payments”- purchased product shall be sent within up to 2 working days of the moment of entering the payment at an appropriate amount in the bank account of the Shop. Above period of order processing does not include the day, in which the Shop informed the User about order acceptance.

8.7. Time of delivery is time when parcel shall be delivered, depending on delivery option selected by the User. The parcel shall be processed by the courier company, DPD Polska sp. z o.o. Expected time of delivery is 24-48 hours to the address in Poland. In the case of other countries, it depends on the courier company.

8.8. The costs of delivery shall be placed on the VAT invoice/receipt as a separate item. The user shall be informed about the costs of delivery before acceptance of the order.



9.1. All products available in the Shop have a quality warranty of the producer.

9.2. If the purchased products shall have a defect, the User may make use of warranty rights

9.3. The user shall have the right to submit a complaint in the event of:

  1. physical defects.

  2. mechanical damages during transport.

9.4. In the above case, the User should send the products by mail to the postal address of the Shop: Please fill in ,,complaint” form from the website of the Shop in the “Replacements/Returns” tab and send it by e-mail or attach to the parcel.

9.5. The user shall have the right to submit a complaint within 12 months of the date of purchasing the products in the Shop.

9.6. Within 14 days of the date of receipt of the complaint, the Shop shall take a stance on the complaint.

9.7. A consumer may use extrajudicial methods of processing complaints and pursuing claims. A consumer may use the option of amicable settlement of disputes concerning online shopping by filling a complaint, for example, through ODR platform, available at:

Withdrawal from an agreement

  1. Every user, in accordance with the Act of May 30, 2014 on consumers rights, may withdraw from concluded sales agreement, without giving reasons, by submission within 14 days of receipt of the product, of a written declaration (example can be found in „Replacements/Returns” tab). In the event of effective withdrawal from an agreement in this mode, sales agreement shall be deemed not concluded, and what was provided by the Parties shall be immediately returned. The product should be returned with filled in „return” part. The shop obliges to return the amount resulting from the sales agreement that consists of: the cost of ordered products and cost of delivery. Money shall be returned immediately upon effective withdrawal within up to 14 days.

10.1. Withdrawal shall not be effective if, after checking the product it shall have traces of use or mechanical damages.



11.1. The shop shall be responsible towards the Client in the event that purchased product has a physical defect.

11.2. Physical defect means non-conformity of purchased product with the agreement.

11.3. If the object has a defect, the Client may submit a declaration of lowering the price or withdrawal from an agreement, unless the Shop shall immediately and conveniently for the purchaser replace defective object with an object free from a defect or repair a defect. This limitation shall not apply, if the object shall be replaced or repaired by the Shop or the Shop shall not replace the object with the one free from a defect or remove a defect.

    1. The shop may refuse to fulfil a demand of the purchaser, if leading to conformity of a defective object with the agreement in a way selected by the purchaser shall not be possible, or in comparison with other way of leading to the conformity with the agreement, shall require too much money.

Cookies policy

12. collects automatically only information contained in the cookies.

13. Cookies are text files that are stored on the user’s device to be used from the website. Above all, they contain the name of a website of its origin, their unique number, time of storage on the user’s device.

14. The operator of VELCREDO with its headquarters in Zakręt at Ciekawa 10 is an entity placing cookies on the user’s device and having access to them.

15. The website operator uses cookies to:

  • adjust the contents of thee website to individual user preferences, above all, these files recognize user’s device to display the website in accordance with his/her preferences;

  • prepare statistics helping to recognize preferences and behaviours of the users, analysis of these statistics is anonymous and allow to adjust contents and appearance of the website to the latest trends, users, statistics are also applied to assess popularity of a given website;

  • log into the website;

  • keeping the user logged on at each subsequent page of the website.

16. The website uses two fundamental types of cookies – session and persistent cookies. Session files are temporary, they are stored until the moment of leaving the website (through entering another website, logging out or turning the web browser off). Persistent files are stored on the user’s device until the moment of their removal by the user or for the period resulting from the settings.

17. The user may, at any moment, change the settings of his/her web browser to block the service of cookies or to get information about placing them on his/her device. Other available options can be checked in the settings of the web browser. Most of the web browsers are by default set to accept cookies on the user’s device.

18. The website operator informs that changes of the settings of the web browser of the user may limit the access to some functions of the website.

19. Cookies used by the website (placed on the user’s device) may be made available to its partners and cooperating advertiser.

20. Information about the settings of the web browsers are available on their menu (help) or on the website of its producer.

21. If you have any doubts about any provisions of this privacy policy, you may contact with us – our data can be found in the CONTACT tab.

Final provisions


22.1. The rules come into effect on 01.10.2018.

22.2. In the matters not regulated by these rules, particularly conclusion and performance of the sales agreements, the provisions of the Civil Code, the Act on Consumer Rights shall apply.

22.3. In the event of the Users who are not consumers, the provisions concerning the withdrawal from an agreement specified in point 10 of the Rules shall not apply.

    1. Any disputes arising in connection with the Rules or sales agreements shall be resolved by the competent Polish common court of law.